Heather Price

HPphotoHeather Price (Lecturer in Environmental Geography) I am interested in the links between people and the environment – both the effects that people have on the world, and in turn, the ways that the environment can affect people. My interdisciplinary background (environmental science, social science and biochemistry) means that I am keen to use different methods (both qualitative and quantitative) in my research to maximise understanding and impact. I have recently been working on the following projects:

  • Air pollution and health in the UK and the rest of Europe (e.g. TRANSPHORM)
  • Sustaining urban groundwater for the poor (Groundwater 2030)
  • Social impacts of off-grid electricity access on the local community (Energy for development)
  • For more information, visit my University of Stirling staff webpage (here) or follow me on twitter (@drheatherprice).

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