Jeroen Minderman

JM Sinharaja forestJeroen Minderman (Research Fellow) I have broad interests in behavioural ecology, conservation biology and ornithology in particular. I am keen to work towards strengthening links between behaviour on an individual level and population-level processes, and in using such links to inform conservation efforts. My previous research has involved studies of the effects of small wind turbines on birds and bats, behavioural syndromes or “animal personality” in wild starlings (Sturnus vulgaris), interference competition and predation risk in redshank (Tringa totanus), and I have been involved with a project aiming to develop a method to prioritise international species conservation efforts for DEFRA (MAPISCO).

Since March 2015 I hold a Leverhulme Fellowship at the University of St Andrews, on a project looking at individual variation in behavioural responses to disturbance and its relationship to stress physiology. Please see my research profile page at the University of St Andrews for more information.

You can see a full and up to date list of my publications on my Google Scholar page.


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