Lovisa Nilsson


PhD student
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Ecology
Wildlife Damage Centre
Grimsö Research Station
730 91 Riddarhyttan
Phone: +46581697345
Email: Lovisa.UK.Nilsson@slu.se

Human-wildlife conflict at crane stop-over sites on agricultural land in Sweden.

Together with researchers Johan Månsson and Jens Persson at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and Nils Bunnefeld at the University of Stirling, I investigate crane grazing patterns, space use and damage to agricultural fields. Crane numbers have locally increased from about 1,000 in 1990 to around 17,000 in 2011. Payments for prevention and compensation of damages have risen to more than 68,000 Euros in 2011 for the same area and 227,000 Euros for the whole of Sweden. This projects aims to make recommendation for the sustainable management of cranes to balance conservation objectives and the socio-economics of local farmers. See also my University website and Wildlife Damage Center website (in Swedish)