Matt Nuttall

PhD student

STICS_prof / @MattNNuttall

Autobiography: After completing a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Leeds in 2007, my career has taken me to Kenya, Cambodia, and the UK working within the conservation NGO sector. I completed an MSc in Conservation Science from Imperial College in 2012, before joining the Wildlife Conservation Society in Cambodia as a Technical Adviser until 2016, after which I worked for the Scottish Wildlife Trust in NE Scotland.  I began my PhD in October 2017.

Research interests: My predominant focus during my career has been in wildlife biology for the purposes of management, but I have always been interested by the interface between ecological and social systems and the dynamic nature of these relationships. I am particularly interested in the processes of systematic conservation planning, and how dynamic aspects and future predictions of social-ecological systems can be better incorporated into spatial planning at different scales. My PhD will see me returning to Cambodia where I will focus on integrating certain dynamic aspects of landscapes into spatial conservation planning at different scales.


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