Robin Whytock

PhD Research Student
Assessing the effects of landscape structure on woodland birds


BSc (Honours) in Ecology (University of Stirling 2010 – 14)

Supervisors: Dr Kirsty Park, Dr Elisa Fuentes-Montemayor

Start Date: 1st October 2014

School of Biological & Environmental Sciences
University of Stirling

Email: robbie(dot)

Publications from previous work
Whytock, R.C., Buij, R., Virani, M.Z. and Morgan, B.J. (2014) Do large birds experience previously undetected levels of hunting pressure in the forests of Central and West Africa? Oryx DOI:
Whytock, R.C. (2013) Cameroon’s Raptor Wealth. SWARA: Magazine of the East African Wildlife Society
Whytock, R.C., Christie, J. and Morgan, B.J. (submitted) Range extension of the Crossley’s Ground Thrush (Zoothera crossleyi): a new record from the proposed Ebo National Park, Cameroon. Submitted to the Bulletin of the African Bird Club
Whytock, R.C. and Morgan, B.J. (2010) The Avifauna of the Ebo forest, Cameroon. Malimbus, 32(1), 22-32
Whytock, R.C. and Morgan, B.J. (2010) The commercial trade in bushmeat potentially threatens raptor populations in the Ebo forest, Cameroon. Growth and Biology of African Raptors, 21(1&2), 1-7



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