Stuart Auld

StuartMeCopenhagen Auld (Research Fellow, University of Stirling). I am broadly interested in the links between  disease ecology, evolution and epidemiology in natural host-parasite systems, and how climate change will impact on these links. I work with the freshwater crustacean, Daphnia magna, and its sterilising bacterial parasite, Pasteuria ramosa, using controlled lab experiments, the study of wild populations and individual-based models to understand changing patterns of disease. I am also interested in one of the oldest questions in evolutionary biology: why do so many organisms reproduce sexually when asexual reproduction is so much cheaper and easier? Daphnia can reproduce both sexually and asexually (cool, eh?), which allows me and my lab to dissect the costs and benefits of sexual and asexual reproduction. For more info, visit my site here, and follow me on twitter @StuAuld.

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