Svenja Kroeger

Visiting Fellow


PhD in Ecology / @marmotqueen

Autobiography: I am an ecologist with a strong ambition to contribute to the protection and conservation of species and their environments. I did my B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Animal Biology at the University of Stirling (2013), and then a PhD in Ecology at the University of Aberdeen (2017).

In my PhD, I used over 50 years of individual-based data on wild yellow-bellied marmots to investigate the causes and consequences of life-history trait variation in relation to senescence and in the context of different spatio-temporal environments. I spent two summers in the Colorado Rocky Mountains to collect data for the yellow-bellied marmot long-term study.

I am currently based on Bioko, a small island in the Gulf of Guinea, where I contribute to different projects of the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Programme (BBPP).

Research interests: My research interests span a broad range of topics, including life-history evolution, senescence, transgenerational effects, phenology, conservation biology and ecology, and sexual selection.


Kroeger, S.B., Blumstein, D.T., Armitage, K.B., Reid, J.M., & J.G.A. Martin (2018). Age, state, environment and season dependence of senescence in body mass. Ecology and Evolution.

Blumstein, D.T., Williams, D.M., Lim, A.N., Kroeger, S., & J.G.A. Martin (2018). Strong social relationships are associated with decreased longevity in a facultatively social mammal.Proceedings B: Biological Sciences.