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Postdoctoral Researcher

Autobiography: I am a post-doctoral researcher now based at Durham University, having previously worked in the STI-CS group as a post-doc for 1.5 years. Prior to this I was a post-doc at Laval University in Canada. I carried out my PhD in conservation ecology at Durham University.

Research interests: I am a conservation ecologist interested in how wild animal populations respond to changes in their environment, resulting both from natural processes and human activities. Environmental change can affect animal populations in complex and unexpected ways, from disturbing the behaviour of individuals to altering the demography of populations. I collect and analyse long-term data in order to identify the drivers of such change. I use this information to identify conservation actions that can benefit animal populations, while allowing coexistence with humans. While at Stirling, I worked on a Carnegie Trust funded project investigating the socio-ecological dynamics of conservation conflict between goose conservation and farming on the Scottish island of Islay. I am still working on several interesting outputs from this work with Prof Bunnefeld and others at STI-CS!


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