I am a researcher who spends a lot of time in the tropics. When I return to the UK from fieldwork, people often ask me what it was like, for cool stories, or about what I've seen. I usually find myself saying 'umm, yeah it was good...I saw uh, trees and monkeys and stuff'. Which is exceptionally lame. I have the same problem when people ask me what my PhD is about: 'umm, tree communities...I look at a lot of very small trees'. Also lame. My research is awesome (I may have a biased opinion here). So I decided the best way to remedy this is for me to document my exciting jungle activities as I go along (I try to omit the unexciting ones but I make no promises). So herein you will find information about my research, the interesting things I see and learn about, and the general ramblings and grumblings of someone who spends rather a lot of time wandering around an uninhabited forest alone and is not sure where the edge of sanity lies.

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