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We have opportunities to join us as a PhD student, for BSc honours or dissertation projects, for MSc courses and projects or as a volunteer. We advertise fully funded PhD projects and postdoc jobs on this site. We are always keen from people interested in a fellowship in our group. Please get in touch with a member of staff for fellowship options.


Continuing opportunities

One-year MSc course in Environmental Management (Conservation), including a tropical ecology and conservation field course in Gabon, at University of Stirling (more information, more information on available on funding [Commonwealth Shared ScholarshipSantander scholarship, Merit scholarship], course director: Nils Bunnefeld)

Older announcements

Phenology and climate change in breeding birds [BSc, MSc project, volunteer ] (more informationNils Bunnefeld, Jeroen Minderman)

Bats in coniferous landscapes [Msc project, volunteer] (more information; Lucinda Kirkpatrick)

Environmental sensitive behaviour? Mitigating adverse impacts on capercaillie populations in the Cairngorms National Park. Supervised by Dr Madhu Satsangi and Dr Nils Bunnefeld. Based at University of Stirling. Funded by ESRC Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Cairngorms National Park Authority. Start date 1st October 2015, deadline for applications 20th July 2015. (More info)

Goose games: new approaches to resolve conflicts over rising geese populations in Scotland. Funded by the Carnegie Trust. Start date 1st October 2015, for 18 months, deadline for applications 31st July 2015. In collaboration with Dr Nils Bunnefeld, Prof Steve Redpath and Dr Aidan Keane. (More info)

Ecosystem services under uncertainty about future climate in Central African forests.  (more information) Supervisors: Dr Nils Bunnefeld, University of Stirling, Prof James Bullock, Dr Chris Huntingford, CEH Wallingford, Dr Katharine Abernethy, University of Stirling

Building Resilience to Respond to Future Environmental Change Across Scottish Catchments. (more information) Supervisors: Dr David Oliver, Dr Richard Quilliam, Dr Nils Bunnefeld, University of Stirling

Bats in the urban landscape [BSc, MSc project, volunteer ] (more information; Paul Lintott)

The Woodland Creation and Ecological Networks (WrEN) project is currently looking for field assistants for the 2014 field season. More info on the sti-cs WrEN project page and WrEN official website. Or apply here.

Linking game theory and structured decision making for the resolution of conservation conflicts [funded PhD project] (deadline: 10th February 2014, supervisors: Nils Bunnefeld, Juliette Young, Steve Redpath, Aidan Keane)

Interested in a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship in the Stirling Conservation Science  Group? Stirling University provides 50% matched funding. Get in touch with Nils Bunnefeld or Kirsty Park as soon as possible to discuss your application. All candidates have to go through the University of Stirling application process before the University supports an application to the Leverhulme Trust. First Stirling deadline is 14th February 2014.

Join us for the Biological and Environmental Sciences Winter symposium 2013 on Tuesday and Wednesday (3rd-4th Dec 2013). Talks are in Logie lecture theatre (find more details in the Winter Symposium Booklet 2013). See the blog post about the symposium.

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