Jeroen Minderman

Postdoctoral Researcher-ConFooBio

jm-sinharaja-forest / @jejoenje

Autobiography I studied biology and ecology at the University of Groningen, with MSc research topics including the behavioural- and foraging ecology of oystercatchers, barnacle geese and redshank. During my PhD at Newcastle University, I studied the ecological relevance of animal personality traits in wild starlings.

Following this, I moved towards more applied work, with postdoctoral and fellowship positions at the University of Stirling, studying the effects of wind turbines on wildlife (birds and bats, with Kirsty Park). I also was employed on the DEFRA-funded MAPISCo project, based at Newcastle University, aiming to develop a methodology for prioritisation of international species conservation efforts.

During a recently completed fellowship position at the University of St Andrews (in collaboration with Karen Spencer), I became interested in stress physiology, its relationship with the behaviour and ecology of animals in the wild, and the consequences of this for population dynamics.

I have been an Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Ecology since 2011.

Research interests I have broad interests in conservation biology and behavioural ecology, and in particular in research that explicitly bridges different fields or disciplines. Much of my practical experience has focused on birds, and I hold a BTO bird ringing licence with a training endorsement. I enjoy both practical field work, as well as theoretical and modelling studies.