Nils Bunnefeld

 Professor in Conservation Science – ConFooBio PI

Photo / @bunnefeld

Autobiography I went to Uni in Göttingen, Germany and Groningen, The Netherlands, did a MSc project in Norway on lynx and on geese on Spitsbergen, which took me the best part of 6 years (1997-2013). I then did a PhD on red grouse at Imperial College London (2004-2007), a postdoc on moose at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umea (2008-2009) and a postdoc on hunting in east Africa back at Imperial College (2010-2012). In 2012 I joined Stirling as a lecturer and in 2015 I applied for ConFooBio which I am leading now. You can find a detailed CV here: CV Bunnefeld Nov 2020.

Research interests My main research interests focus on social-ecological systems using the combination of empirical data collection and modelling to investigate the interaction between human decision-making and the dynamics of ecological processes.



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