Nils Bunnefeld

bunnefeldNils Bunnefeld (Lecturer in Conservation Science) My main research interests encompass the conservation and management of social-ecological systems using the combination of empirical data collection and modelling to investigate the interaction between human decision-making and the dynamics of ecological processes. In order to do this, I am interested in applying and developing models to integrate ecological, social and economic data and theory to assist conservation and management. My interests span the fields of social-ecological systems modelling, decision-making for conservation and movement ecology. (Nils’ official Stirling websiteGoogle Scholar for publication list)



Conservation of bird communities under threat from bushmeat hunting and the traditional medicine trade in the Ebo forest, Cameroon (Jan-Dec 2015) with Mr Robin Whytock (University of Stirling), Dr Munir Virani (Peregrine Fund), Dr Ralph Buji (Wageningen Universtiy), Dr Juliet Vickery (RSPB), Dr Taku Awa II (University of Dschang). Funder: Rufford Foundation (£5k)

Review of Adaptive Management approaches (Feb-Dec 2014) with Prof Steve Redpath (University of Aberdeen) and Dr Justin Irvine (James Hutton Institute). Funder: SNH (£13k)

Towards a European study on the economics of hunting and its contribution to ecosystem services (Sep-Dec 2014) with Dr Mirko Moro (Univeristy of Stirling). Funder: European Association of Hunting Organisations (€10k)


PhD students

Chris Pollard (2014-ongoing) Linking game theory and structured decision making for the resolution of conservation conflicts. Role: main supervisor (with Dr Juliette Young, CEH; Prof Steve Redpath, University of Aberdeen; Dr Aidan Keane, University of Edinburgh; funded by NERC DTP IAPETUS)

Emma Bush (2013-ongoing) Determining the impact of climate change on the sustianabiltiy of tourism investment and long-term strategic planning for environmental management in Gabon. Role: main supervisor (with Dr Kate Abernethy, Prof Alistair Jump, Dr Daisy Dent, Dr Kath Jeffery)

Stephanie Bourgeois (2014-ongoing) Genetics of forest elephants in Gabon: population assignment of ivory and connectivity between national parks (with Dr Kath Jeffery (main supervisor); Dr Ross McEwing and Dr Rob Ogden, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland; funded by Gabon National Parcs, University of Stirling, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland)

Cherie Enawgaw Beyene (2013-ongoing, University of Oslo, Norway) Conservation of the migratory white-eared kob in South Sudan and Ethiopia. (with Prof Nils Chr Stenseth (main supervisor), Dr Anagaw Atickem, Prof Afework Bekele, Dr Karen Laurenson)

Paul Lintott (2010-ongoing) Ecology and conservation of urban bats (with Dr Kirsty Park (main supervisor))

Caroline Griffin (2011-ongoing) Assessing the impact of beach clearing on coastal biodiversity in Scotland (with Dr Andre Gillburn (main supervisor))

Lovisa Nilsson (2011- ongoing, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) Spatiotemporal foraging and movement patterns of a large grazing bird in agricultural areas (with Dr Johan Månsson (main supervisor), Dr Jens Persson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)


Past PhD students

Ana Nuno (2009-2013, Imperial College London) Bushmeat in the Serengeti: understanding multiple components of a hunting system (with Prof E.J. Milner-Gulland)


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