Zac Baynham-Herd

PhD Student

pic / @ZacBaynhamHerd

Autobiography: Previously Zac studied Zoology (BA) and History and Philosophy of Science (MSc) at the University of Cambridge, and retains a keen interest in the history of the conservation movement. But Zac also likes imagining the future, and hence alongside his PhD he is exploring how digital technology might offer opportunities for conservation. On this topic Zac has given a TEDx talk <link to come> and occasionally enjoys doing (conservation related) stand-up comedy.

Research interests: Conservation conflicts often impinge upon both the lives of local people and conservation interests. Zac’s PhD explores how conflicts are conceptualised and how conservationists intervene to resolve them, focusing on a Wildlife Management Area in Northern Tanzania as a case-study. He uses an interdisciplinary approaching, combining qualitative research methods with innovative experimental games.


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