Ana Nuno

AnaNuno_thumb1Dr Ana Nuno (Postdoc, University of Exeter) My broad research interests are focused at understanding human-wildlife interactions and anthropogenic drivers of biodiversity change in order to minimize conflict and to support sustainable use of wildlife resources. (Ana’s website)

2 Comments on “Ana Nuno

  1. Hi Anna, my name is Emmanuel, currently studying at the university of Queensland-Environmental management, am doing a project on the impacts of community conservation program on poaching, case study of Serengeti national park. i have been told you also doing some similar aspects in Serengeti, i could have wished to see you and have a chart.

  2. Hi Emmanuel, Thanks for contacting me and scheduling a meeting to discuss the multiple challenges to assessing conservation effectiveness, particularly when focusing on sensitive behaviours, such as illegal hunting, which are often difficult to measure (as discussed in our paper “A Novel Approach to Assessing the Prevalence and Drivers of Illegal Bushmeat Hunting in the Serengeti” I hope you found our meeting useful. Good luck for your MSc project and keep in touch!

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